Why is it Cheaper to go Abroad for a Hair Transplant?

The Hair Transplants industry has grown and grown in recent years. It is now estimated to be worth $1 billion globally.

This popularity has led to a rise in illicit clinics which are acting on the wrong side of the law, particularly abroad where unscrupulous companies are tempting people to travel to their country for a hair restoration procedure combined with a holiday and luxury break.

This is causing people to risk their health. The situation is exacerbated by the lower cost, which is a fraction of what a legitimate hair transplant in the UK would add up to.

There are countless reports from patients about technicians who do not have medical licenses or surgical training performing procedures.

Such is the popularity of this procedure in cities such as Istanbul (Turkey) it has become a common sight to see men roaming around the streets with bandages around their heads.

Istanbul is thought to have as many as 300-400 clinics operating today. It’s estimated that 5,000 people visit every month to undergo a hair transplant.

Many of these visitors are paying much less than they would in western countries due to the lack of regulation which allows clinics to cut costs. The downside is that it is endangering the health of patients often with disastrous results as clinics do not have the same of level of duty of care as they might in the UK.

The problem is not just confined to Turkey. Similar trends are emerging in places like Iran and several countries throughout Europe such as Poland and Lithuania where illicit clinics operate under the radar, using what has become known as a “turn-key” technique.

This involves a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or other physician buying a tool which aids in performing the more complex parts of the procedure. Then rather than undertaking the procedure themselves, they employ a team of technicians to act as doctors on the day.

This is highly dangerous and ill-advised.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is Fighting for Safer Hair Transplants (h2)

At the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, they are acutely aware of the harm being done at the hands of unscrupulous clinic operators. They are fighting to warn against this dangerous practice and educate on how to identify deceptive marketing.

They also want to ensure that anyone who wants to avoid the traps of backstreet hair transplant clinics can by recommending qualified and experienced surgeons.

ISHRS is also working on training hair transplant physicians around the world.

Their Fellowship Training Program includes extensive educational materials and online resources. They also offer numerous meetings that include lectures and surgical workshops.

Each year, they host the annual ISHRS World Congress as well as critical events in United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Italy, India, and Turkey. Some of the surgeons and teachers involved are leading experts in the field, and the level of knowledge on display is world-class.

For more information on the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery visit – https://ishrs.org/

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