Women treating their men to Father’s Day hair transplants

Women are treating their balding fellas to the ultimate Father’s Day gift…a £6,000  hair transplant! We see an increase in inquiries at the Crown Clinic every year in the run-up to Father’s Day on June 15.

The Daily Star Sunday newspaper reported on this trend this weekend. You can read the article here:


Another reason for the surge in bookings is the number of celebrities now having procedures – and talking about it afterwards.
Robbie Williams, James Nesbitt and Embarrassing Bodies star Christian Jessen have all spoken publicly about their hair transplants in recent months.
Our surgeon Asim  Shahmalak said: “We always have a busy time in the run-up to Father’s Day with more men seeking transplants.
“Many are booked in by their wives as a special treat because they see first hand how depressed their husbands get when they lose their hair.
“Some bookings are made by men’s daughters. The man will be in his fifties and his daughter will be in her 20s, doing well in her career and she wants to cheer up her old man.”
Dr Shahmalak added: “A hair transplant can transform a man’s life. He looks in the mirror in the morning and sees a completely different person.
“It can have a huge on all aspects of his life.
“James Nesbitt says that the procedures he has had have impacted so positively on his career with him getting acting roles he would not have done if he had stayed bald.
“I have carried out two procedures on the Embarrassing Bodies star Christian Jessen. He makes no secret of the fact that he needs to carry on looking good because he is in the public eye.
“I am only too happy to help because I love working with brilliant doctors like Christian.”
Dr Shahmalak, a Manchester United fan, said that celebrities going public had made a huge difference to Crown Clinic– with bookings shooting up by 40% in the year after Wayne Rooney’s first procedure three years ago.
He said: “Wayne changed so many men’s perceptions of hair transplant. Here was our number one football icon, a man in his 20s, having a transplant and being very public about it.
“Everyone expected him to be crucified on the terraces afterwards with fans having a pop at his vanity.
“Nothing like that happened because most fellas thought, ‘What a great idea – I wish I could do that, too.’
“Wayne has since had a second procedure and his hair is looking great as he prepares to go to Brazil for the World Cup.”
However, Dr Shahmalak warned that Rooney may still need a THIRD procedure to fully restore his hair.
He said: “Wayne is still only 28. He cannot take drugs like Propecia, which are clinically proven to halt hair loss, because they make affect his aggression on the football field.
“So Wayne will carry on losing his natural hair for a few years yet. The only way he can cover up his bald spots is with a transplant. The transplanted hair is permanent and will last for the rest of his life, but he will carry on losing the natural hair around it.
“When he stops playing, he can take drugs to stop any more natural hair falling out.”
Dr Shahmalak added: “A hair transplant is the one cosmetic procedure that a man can have in his life. Most men aren’t interested in facelifts or liposuction – which are far more popular with women.
“But men do passionately want to hang on to their hair – and a hair transplant is the only way they can achieve this if they are losing their hair.”