Check out the remarkable transformation in Hollywood star Jamie Foxx’s hair

The two pictures on this page show a remarkable transformation in the hair of the Hollywood star Jamie Foxx.

You can see clearly that the 49-year-old star’s hairline is noticeably higher when you compare the picture on the left with the one on the right.

They were taken just a year apart.

So what has been going on with Foxx’s hair? There are three possible explanations.

The most likely – judging by the excellent improvement in Foxx’s hair in the picture on the right – is that he has benefitted from a hair transplant.

Given that Jamie likes to wear his hair short, he would almost certainly have undergone a FUE – follicular unit extraction– transplant.

This is where the hair grafts are extracted from the back or sides of the scalp one-by-one and then replanted in the hairline.

The advantage of using FUE is the scarring is minimal. There are a few red pin pricks which are visiable for a week or so after surgery, but these quickly fade.

FUE is by far the most popular transplant technique used by Crown Clinic  and our consultant hair transplant surgeon Asim Shahmalak– chosen by 80% of our patients. Our celebrity clients include model Calum Best, Chris Steed from Gogglebox, Martin Roberts from Homes Under The Hammer and the football pundit Didi Hamann who have all had FUE procedures with Dr Shahmalak.

The second explanation is that Foxx chose the more traditional method of hair transplantation –FUT, follicular unit transplantation. This is where a strip of skin is taken from the back or side of the scalp and the donor grafts are extracted with use of a microscope. They are then replanted in the scalp in much the same way as FUE. The TV doctor Christian Jessen has had two FUT procedures at Crown Clinic.

The third possible explanation for Jamie’s improved hair is that he has benefitted from scalp micropigmentation – a new technique offered by Crown Clinic.

This where tiny dots are tattooed on top the top of the scalp to give the impression of a full head of hair.

When applied by a skilled practitioner, these deposits replicate the look of real shaven hair.