Crown Clinic makes headlines around the world with Prince Harry story

Crown Clinic and our surgeon Asim Shahmalak made headlines around the world again last week with our new survey about Prince Harry.

The story was picked up by numerous news outlets in the UK and beyond including the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Mirror and many, many others.

We thought it would be interesting to do some research about Prince Harry and his brother Prince William.

Prince William, 34, was once feted for his looks and considered one of the most handsome young men in the world. Since then, the Windsor family’s baldness gene has hit the second in line to the throne hard and he has lost most of the hair on the top of his scalp. He is even balder than his 67-year-old father Prince Charles, as our pictures show.

The baldness gene is also affecting 31-year-old Prince Harry – but far less so than his big brother. Harry has some mild hair loss around his crown but not enough at this stage to warrant a hair transplant – either an FUE or FUT procedure.

Crown Clinic celebrity patients, model Calum Best, TV presenter Martin Roberts, football pundit Didi Hamann and Gogglebox star Chris Steed have all had FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedures with us whereas TV doctor and Crown Clinic patient Christian Jessen preferred the FUT (follicular unit transplantation) method.

What we wanted to know was how Prince William’s hair loss had affected his hearth-throb status. The truth is – not very well.

Our poll of 1,000 women found that Prince Harry was the best-looking royal male in the world. Prince William scraped into the top ten in ninth place – just one place above his cousin, Princess Anne’s eldest son Peter Phillips.

It is almost certainly too late for Prince William to do anything about his hair loss in terms of a hair transplant. He could keep hold of more of his remaining natural hair by taking Finasteride but his male pattern baldness is so advanced that he would need multiple procedures to replace his lost hair, and he may not have sufficient donor hair at the back and sides of his scalp to cover up all the gaps.

Prince Harry would certainly benefit from a procedure in a few years’ time if the hair loss around his crown continues in the normal trajectory.

If you want to read more about the full survey, here is Mail Online’s piece on it:

The piece got a huge reaction and has been shared almost 5,000 times.