Having a hair transplant has been ‘scientifically proved’ to make men more attractive

Some interesting new research was published last week showing that having a hair transplant has been ‘scientifically proven’ to make men more attractive.

We have know that for a long time at Crown Clinic.

But it is nice to see scientists providing some independent proof.

Scientists found that men struggling with hair loss were rated as more youthful, attractive, successful and approachable after a transplant by a panel of unbiased volunteers.

Experts at John Hopkins University suggest having a transplant – either an FUE or FUT procedure – could be the best money a man can spend.

They asked a group of 122 participants, about half of whom were men, to rate 13 pairs of images including before and after pictures of seven individuals who had hair transplants.

The volunteers awarded marks out of 100 for a range of perceived traits, including youthfulness, attractiveness, successfulness and approachability.

Balding men were seen as 3.6 years younger after having  a hair transplant. They were also judged to be 1.1 years younger than men in the ‘control’ group who did not have their hair restored.

Hair transplants significantly boosted ratings scores for attractiveness, successfulness and approachability.

Lisa Ishii, who lead the research, said: “Men were perceived as being younger and more attractive by casual observers after undergoing a hair transplant.

“Participants also rated post-transplant faces as appearing more successful and approachable relative to their pre-transplant counterparts.”

You can read more about the report here:


Of course, a far simpler way to gauge the worth of a hair transplant is simply by looking at the Crown Clinic website and the amazing work of our surgeon Asim Shahmalak.

There you can see the happy faces of lots of famous Crown Clinics patients including Calum Best, Christian Jessen, Gogglebox’s Chris Steed and the football pundit Didi Hamann.