How EastEnders’ Max Branning might look if he had hair

Pranksters on the Internet have produced an image showing what EastEnders star Max Branning might look like if he had hair.

You can see the difference in his appearance in the two images on this page – it is quite a transformation!

The fact is that Jake Wood, the actor who plays Max, suffers from fairly advanced male pattern baldness.

No hair transplant surgeon in the world could hope to fully restore his lost hair – even Crown Clinic’s world-renowned expert Asim Shahmalak.

Sadly, Jake has left it too late to remedy his baldness through hair transplantation – either an FUE (follicular unit extraction)  procedure or the more traditional method of FUT (follicular unit transplantation).

Jake, 44, could have benefited from a hair transplant if he had acted earlier – when his baldness was in its early stages.

Dr Shahmalak could have replaced his lost hair and slowed down the onset of his baldness by recommending a clinically-proven drug such as Finasteride or Propecia.

Finasteride would not have grown any new hair for Jake but it would have slowed down or halted altogether his natural hair loss.

Those two remedies – a hair transplant and effective medication – could have helped Jake to maintain a full hairline.

He may well have needed more than one procedure – like Crown Clinic patients Calum Best, Gogglebox star Chris Steed, who have both had more than one FUE procedure with us, and Dr Christian Jessen, who has had two FUT procedures with Dr Shahmalak.

Prince William, 34, is another good example of a man who has probably left it too late to benefit from hair transplantation.

There is a strong baldness gene which runs through the Windsor clan which has resulted in Prince William being more bald than both his father (Prince Charles) and his grandfather (Prince Philip) even before he reaches 35.

The reason hair transplant surgeons would struggle to help Prince William is that so much donor hair would be needed to cover his bald spots – and there is a limited number of grafts which can be removed from the back and sides of the scalp to restore all the bald spots.

While it is too late for Prince William, it is NOT too late for his brother Prince Harry. He is the early stages of male pattern baldness and would definitely benefit from a procedure around his crown if his rate of hair loss continues at the same pace.