Jude Law’s hair loss is getting worse

Jude Law showed off his fairly advanced male pattern baldness at a press conference last week.

Law has made very little effort to cover up his fast-receding hair.

He has significant hair loss around his temples and now is left with a small ‘island’ of hair at the front of his hairline.

At 43, Jude is fairly unusual for a Hollywood star in displaying his hair loss so openly. For an actor who has traded on his heart-throb status for the last two decades, it is a big risk.

Yes, Jude is an accomplished actor, but he is in demand for movies because of his looks.

Football stars and managers have not been slow to take drastic action to protect their image rights when their hair starts falling out by having hair transplants.

Wayne Rooney is the most obvious example but there have been numerous more recent examples including the West Ham manager Slaven Bilic.

It’s not just football where hair transplants are becoming more popular. In showbusiness generally, more stars are going under the knife and making no secret that they have given nature a helping hand – a good example recently is the singer Robbie Williams.

There comes a time when a man has lost so much of his natural hair that there is a limit to what a skilled surgeon like Crown Clinic’s Asim Shahmalak can do to help.

Prince William, for instance, is probably beyond help with a hair transplant because his male pattern baldness is so advanced and he would need multiple procedures – he simply wouldn’t have enough donor hair to cover all the bald patches.

Jude Law most definitely does not fall into this category. There is a lot a skilled surgeon can do to restore the hair around his temples – making Jude look years younger and significantly adding to his status as one of Hollywood’s leading male stars.

Crown Clinic celebrity clients such as the TV doctor Christian Jessen and the model Calum Best sought treatment from Dr Shahmalak because they were keen to prolong their careers in the limelight. Jude Law would benefit from similar help.