Some of the best celebrity hair transplants

This excellent piece on the news website Buzzfeed about some of the best-known celebrity hair transplants is well worth a read.

Researchers gathered together before and after pictures of 42 male stars who appear to have undergone procedures.

I say ‘appear’ because many of the stars have yet to acknowledge they have ever received help with their hair.

Thankfully, lots of other stars are much more open about the benefits of hair transplant surgery and its two best-known techniques –FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplantation).

At 30 on the list is Calum Best, one of Crown Clinic‘s best-known patients. Calum’s before and after pictures show the stunning transformation caused by his three hair transplants by our surgeon Asim Shahmalak.

Calum has admitted he looks 10 years younger thanks to the help he has received with his hair.

Calum isn’t the only star to look much better.

The difference in appearance in some cases is startling.

Look at Jeremy Piven, star of the ITV show Mr Selfridge, at number 10.

Rob Brydon, at 14, had a great result from his procedure.

And the change in the Hollywood star Billy Bob Thornton is remarkable.

Well done, guys!

Dr Shahmalak said: “All these male celebrities make their living in the public eye. It is important they look good. A good hair transplant can take 10 years off a man and ensure that he stays in limelight for a lot longer.”