What is the most attractive feature of a man according to women?

It’s not uncommon for men to wonder what the opposite sex looks for in the ideal partner, and vice versa. We often wonder what it is that makes us attractive to those we are trying to entice, however with different tastes and opinions amongst individuals, it can be hard to pin down.

We decided to take a look at what women truly look for in a man, whether that’s physical or personality attributes. We asked a selection of women what attracts them to a man, to see if we could clear up the debate once and for all.

How much weight is there in physical appearance?

Physical appearance is the first thing people see when they meet someone and with apps like Tinder gaining popularity, it appears to be the most important thing about choosing a date.

What we look like does hold some weight with potential partners, but it can also vary widely with personal preference. 26-year-old Coral Benn described what attracted her most about a man’s appearance.

“Facial hair is probably the most attractive feature a man could have. I personally find that men with beards or stubble look more attractive than those without.”

Facial hair is often seen to make a man more masculine and therefore more attractive to women, however, this again based on personal preference.

Can personality make all the difference?

“There’s not one aspect that makes a man attractive to me, it’s more about the whole package. Blue eyes could be attractive on one man and not on the next, it’s all about personal preference.”

Not only can different features have a different appeal depending on the person, but personality can also alter the way we see someone.

For example, someone can look exactly like our dream partner, but if they turn out to be less than charming, then something changes in our perspective. They no longer appear as attractive, which poses the question as to whether personality plays a bigger role than many think.

Many women are instantly put off by a man who can’t take ‘banter’ or take themselves too seriously. Men who can make women laugh are often seen as more attractive and more fun, something that is integral to making people more attractive.


What really matters when it comes to finding the perfect partner?

There is plenty of research around what makes us physically attractive and what traits make us more attractive to our potential partners. However, it has highlighted the need for a balance between both personality and physical attraction.

A lack of one could have a detrimental effect on the other, an unattractive physical appearance may not matter if the person has a shining personality, and an attractive person may be made less so by a sour personality.

Many people have stated that a confidence in who we are and comfort within our own skin is the most attractive quality. Looking the way you want to look and acting the way you normally act is all you need to make you the most attractive person you can be.

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