When Is The Best Time To Have A Hair Transplant?

If you are considering either an FUE hair transplant or an FUT transplant, one of the questions you may be asking yourself is ‘am I eligible’ or maybe ‘is it too soon?’.

Here at Crown Clinic we like our patients to ideally be 25+ when deciding to get a transplant. At this age, it is easier to tell how patterned baldness will progress and allows us to accurately plan out the procedure.

Another consideration is the quality of the grafts and the level of thinning, as we want to harvest the best quality grafts to give you long lasting results. We’ve put together a few FAQs below to give you a better idea of when the best time is to have a hair transplant.


What should you consider before committing to a hair transplant?

Choosing to go through with a hair transplant can be a big, life changing decision and there are many factors to take into consideration before making that final choice.

The biggest things to take time to think about are things like the cost, recovery time and the clinic.

The Cost
Any hair transplant can be costly and it’s important that you’ve taken the full cost of the procedure into consideration. How do you plan to pay for the procedure? Can you afford it? Are there any affordable payment plans available?

Recovery Time
Recovery times are never set in stone, as different people recover quicker than others. It is important to note any surgical procedure can be draining and it’s always best to plan a few days after the procedure that will allow you to sit back and relax.

The Clinic
Choosing a clinic and a doctor you trust and that understands your expectations and needs is important. Always attend a consultation before deciding on a procedure, as the doctor will be able to not only tell you what results you can expect, but also what type of procedure is best for your circumstances.


What ‘stage’ should I be when considering a transplant?

What ‘stage’ is best to get a hair transplant, when you’ve just started thinning? When you’ve been thinning for a longer period of time? Or when you have gone completely bald?

The best time depends on the individual and how the thinning or receding has progressed over time. If the hair loss is proving to be fairly rapid, it can be best to wait until it starts to ease off, to give a better idea of the pattern of hair loss.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for a hair transplant, or which of the many transplant procedures is best for you, do not hesitate to book a consultation. At Crown Clinic, we take the time to sit you down and go through all your options and what results you can expect to see in the end.

Book your consultation with us today and find out what one of our hair transplant procedures can get the results you long for.